Phase 1

  • Release Whitepaper for OfficialNFT®
  • $OFCL Token Fair Pre Sale
  • Token Generation and Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool
  • NFTs created and available for purchase on
  • mystryNFT® subscription model launch
  • Utilization of our existing 200k social media followers and 150k email subscriber list for marketing our NFT marketplace
  • mystryNFT® subscription model launch

Phase 2

  • Dynamic NFTs built and deployed
  • Phase 1 of OfficialNFT® marketplace built and invites sent to a curation of artists and brands to participate
  • Influencer marketing program for NFT marketplace
  • Token Generation and Pancake Swap Liquidity Pool

Phase 3

  • Phase 2 of marketplace deployed with Whitelabel capability
  • Launch of our vertical solutions for physical products, experiences, events, and admissions connected to NFTs as solutions for our marketplace artists and brands.
  • Phase 2 launch of our mystryNFT® subscription model
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