The functionalities in OfficialNFT® are altering the way that brands utilize NFTs to their advantage. With OfficialNFT®, clients can easily verify if a product is genuine using the NFTs that businesses originally minted. This will reduce the cases of clients buying fake products. Big brands lose billions annually to fake products, and this trend can be solved by OfficialNFT®.
It also allows buyers of genuine products to mint an NFT, adding details to it to back their claims. When they decide to resell the genuine products in the future, they can easily show that the products are genuine to the new buyer. OfficialNFT® offers brands an alternative stream of income, where they can mint NFTs in the ecosystem and earn when their clients purchase them and resell them, thus creating a recurring revenue model. The use cases on OfficialNFT® are numerous.
It is also opening up new revenue streams for brands globally, while offering them an innovative way to create a buzz around their products or services. With the OfficialNFT® ecosystem, marketing strategies of businesses will be aligned with the new NFT trend. We are looking forward to an exhilarating journey with our upcoming launch in 2021 as we strive towards building a well curated, intuitive, and creative NFT marketplace that empowers the NFT landscape.
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