OfficialNFT® is a dynamic NFT ecosystem that enables individuals, artists, brands, and entities to mint and deploy a suite of highly customizable smart contracts in a well-curated marketplace with optimal user experience for both minters and end retail buyers.
Many NFT marketplaces have attempted to focus on taking care of the art space, we feel that our marketplace can both celebrate art and their creators as well as utilize the NFT functionality for a full range of purposes.
Several of the NFT ecosystems in existence describe themselves as NFT marketplaces that target the world of digital art, sports cards, trading cards, while many categories and niches beyond art are poised to use NFTs but yet to find customizable smart contracts and a marketplace to optimize their uses.
OfficialNFT®, offers a myriad of non-fungible tokens, such as art, censorship-resistant domain names, proof of authenticity, recurring revenue models, purchase reveals, and corporate-linked NFTs.
OfficialNFT® is a seamless marketplace that allows creators to easily use our innovative tools and UI to craft whatever NFT they need or have a use case for with ease. It is designed to be used at any level, from the student artist to the creative professional. ”No code” NFTs with a host of options and capabilities.
For entities that need to produce smart contracts for a business, game, or any digital project on the blockchain, OfficialNFT® will become their go-to solution. Every item sold on the platform can have a fixed price, be auctioned, or even added on a declining price listing.
With OfficialNFT®, clients can easily verify if a product is authentic by using the NFTs that businesses originally minted. This will reduce the cases of clients buying counterfeit products. Big brands lose billions annually to fake products, and this issue can be solved by OfficialNFT®. It also allows buyers of genuine products to mint an NFT, adding details such as specifications, instructions, warranty, and serial numbers to match and verify authenticity. When they decide to resell the genuine products in the future, they can provide proof of authenticity and all the details the new owner will need to encapsulate in the NFT. OfficialNFT® offers brands a recurring stream of income when they mint NFTs on the platform and earn when their clients resell products in the secondary market and keep the transaction on-chain. The use cases for OfficialNFT® are numerous.
$OFCL is the native utility token that fuels the OfficialNFT® platform. The $OFCL token facilitates the transactions inside of the OfficialNFT® marketplace. Users need $OFCL to buy and sell NFTs on the platform. Besides, $OFCL offers users access to the other goods or services of the OfficialNFT® platform. Holders of the $OCTL token can buy a special status on the platform to activate extra features. Below you can find more use cases of the $OFCL.

Discounts when purchasing/selling NFTs on the platform

Purchases done with $OFCL will be offered special platform fee discounts.

Facilitate the minting process on the platform

The $OFCL token will grant creators and brands the chance to massively reduce the minting costs and access to the premium features of the OfficialNFT® platform.
Soon, the platform will introduce an array of Whitelabel opportunities and solutions supported by the project’s native tokens.
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